Recharge your card, your way.

Online. Add funds online with your credit card. You can also choose auto recharge, so you’ll never have to worry about running out of minutes.

Click here to recharge with your credit card.

At the store. Buy a new card and refill your existing account with the PIN on the back. Or, in participating locations, the store clerk can refill your account for you using the phone number you registered with HelloEarth.

On the phone. Call HelloEarth Customer Care at 1-800-310-7560



No PINs. Spend more time talking, less time dialing.

With your Global Phone Card, calling is quick and easy. No PINs to remember. No extra numbers to dial. PIN-less makes it painless.



Share the Savings

You can register up to 4 additional numbers to share your minutes. Just register the phone numbers of your friends and family in the U.S. so they can make PIN-Less international calls too.

Click here to set up a One-Touch Number, and add your contact's international phone number.



One button puts you in touch.

With One-Touch Dialing, you simply dial a U.S. local number to connect directly to your contact abroad. Add it to your phone's contact list and wherever you are, you reach can them with a push of a button.

Click here to set up One-Touch Dialing, and add your contact's international phone number.



Speak to our professional customer care representatives

We are here ready to help. Just dial any of our Customer Care numbers:

1-800-310-7560 (English)
1-800-310-7560 (Español)