Online Accounts and Purchases

How do I get started with a Global Phone Card account? 
I purchased a card or service electronically from a retailer:
First, you must activate your Global Phone Card service by dialing any access number and PIN found on the back of the card. You will receive an SMS with a Passcode to gain access to your new account. Then, log in using that telephone number and new Passcode. 

I have or will purchase from the Global Phone Card website:
Create a new online account by clicking 
Buy Now, complete the registration and log in with the credentials you created. If your Primary Registered Telephone is a mobile number, you will also receive an SMS confirming your registration. 

I forgot my Passcode, how can I retrieve it? 
If you forgot your Passcode, click the “Need Passcode” link, enter your Primary Registered Telephone Number and a Passcode will be send to you by SMS or email. 
Or call Customer Care at 800-310-7560

What denominations of cards are available? 
For your convenience, most phone cards are available in a variety of denominations.
Recharging online or with Customer Care can be done in $5, $10, $20, $25 or $50. 

Note: For security purposes, recharges are limited to $50 in a 24-hour period. See Auto Recharge for convenience.

Do purchases expire? 
Yes. Purchases expire 12 months after the date of your first use or last recharge. 

How can I add funds to my Global Phone Card? 
Online: Create a new Global Phone Card account online by clicking "Buy Now" on the home page, select a value to purchase and follow the registration process. The value selected will be added to your existing Global Phone Card balance. 

In Stores: You can purchase a new card in the store and add those funds to your existing balance. Just dial the access number and use the new PIN from the card, press "*" at the recording, then follow the prompts. In retail locations offering electronic sales, simply provide your Primary Registered Telephone Number to the sales associate. 

By Phone: Contact Customer Care toll-free at (800) 310-7560 to add your U.S. credit card to your account then recharging is simple. Dial any access number and press "*" then "2" to add funds. 

How do I register additional an additional phone number? 
You can register up to 4 additional phone numbers as users on your Global Phone Card account by logging into your online account and clicking "+Share Your Minutes#" from the Account Details page. You can also register additional numbers by simply calling from the phone number that you would like to register and entering your PIN number. 

Please Note: U.S. phone numbers that you use to place a call using your PIN will automatically be able to Share Your Minutes to place calls using your account balance. This excludes pay phones, public phones and those that have blocked Caller ID. 


What is a One-Touch Number? 
With a One-Touch number, you simply dial a local U.S. number and you will connect directly to your contact abroad. A One-Touch Number combines the access number, your PIN and the number you are calling into one single touch from your phone’s address book. You can create a One-Touch numbers for up to 100 overseas contacts. 
Login to to create your One-Touch Numbers.

What is a Speed Dial Number? 
Speed Dial Numbers make it easy to place calls without needing to save them to your phone’s contacts. 
Login to to create up to nine Speed Dial Numbers. Then just dial your access number and enter the Speed Dial Number followed by the "#" and you will automatically be connected (ex: 1#).

Other Questions

What is your return/refund policy? 
Once a card is purchased and activated at the store check-out counter, a card cannot be returned.